For achieving absolutely anything in life, two things are of utmost importance: the knowledge of your destination and of the path that would lead you there. Knowledge of the path here includes choosing the best books for preparation.

Listed below are books often recommended by teachers for preparation of JEE. Go through the list, but remember:

  • The idea is not to buy all these books and pile them up in your study; rather to consult your teachers to take the best pick out of the list according to their pattern of teaching.
  • Alternatively, go to a library and analyse which of these preparation books appeals to you the most in terms of ease of understanding and then buy the books accordingly. All these IIT books for preparation are standard ones and can guide an aspirant to success if made good use of. Also remember that time management is as important as the books that you use. Get tips for time management here.

IIT JEE Physics Preparation Books

Serial NumberNameAuthorType of BookDescription
1Concepts of Physics H.C. VermaText-book for BasicsBest for Mechanics, Electrostatics, Optics, Modern Physics, Heat and waves. The book contains high quality solved numerical problems which would be of a great help in understanding the method of solving problems.
2NCERT Physics Text-book for BasicsClass XI and Class XII books for CBSE
3Problems in General Physics I.E. IrodovProblems and solutionsConsists of high level problems. Best for Mechanics, Electricity and Mechanism, modern Physics
4Fundamentals of PhysicsResnick, Halliday, WalkerReference BookGood for Mechanics, Electricity and Magnetism, Heat.
5Arihant PhysicsD. C. PandeyReference BookConsists of many solved problems. However must be used for reference only after understanding the basics properly
6University PhysicsSears and ZemanskyReference BookGood numerical problems
7Elements of Dynamics S.L.LoneyReference Book
8Advanced level PhysicsNelson and ParkerReference Book

IIT JEE Chemistry Preparation Books

Serial NumberNameAuthorTypeDescription
1NCERT ChemistryText Book for BasicsClass XI and class XII books for CBSE
2Organic ChemistryMorrison & BoydReference bookBest for strengthening conceptual knowledge
3Reaction mechanism in Organic ChemistryParmar and Chawla Reference Book
4Arihant ChemistryReference BookGood for preparation when there is a lot of time in hand. Not recommended if there is time constraint.
5Organic ChemistryFrancis Carey (TMH)Reference Book
6Concise Inorganic ChemistryJ.D. LeeReference Book
7IIT ChemistryO.P. AgarwalReference BookHighly recommended
8Numerical ChemistryR. C. MukerjeeReference Book
9Physical ChemistryP.W.AtkinsReference Book
10Numerical ChemistryP.BahadurReference BookSolved numerical problems are good. Chemical and Ionic Equilibrium have been explained well.
11General ChemistryEbbingReference Book

IIT JEE Maths Preparation Books

Serial NumberNameAuthorTypeDescription
1MathematicsR.S. AgarwalText Book for BasicsX and XII
2NCERT MathsText Book for BasicsCBSE prescribed books for XI and XII
3High school mathematicsHall and KnightReference Book
4New Pattern Mathematics fot IIT JEEM.L. KhannaReference Book
5Algebra made easyK.P.BasuReference Book
6A problem book in Mathematical analysisG.N. BermanReference Book
7Calculus and analytic geometryThomas and FinneyReference Book
8Coordinate geometryS. L. LoneyReference BookHighly recommended book by coaching centres
9Problems in calculus of one variableI.A. MaronReference BookConsidered very good for Differential Calculus
10TMH Course in Mathematics for IIT JEETata McGraw Hill PublicationsReference Book
11Plane TrigonometryS.L. LoneyReference BookThe book contains detailed conceptual knowledge of the subject. Great for strengthening the basics of Trigonometry. Great for understanding Vectors
12Higher AlgebraBernard and ChildReference BookA high level book. Must be referred after an advanced understanding of the subject.
13Arihant MathematicsReference Books

IIT JEE study materialPoints to remember while selecting IIT JEE study material

  • Aim at getting a deep understanding of concepts: A deep conceptual knowledge is required for solving high standard problems of JEE. Therefore the IIT JEE study material and preparation books that you choose must match your understanding of the topics. A book that works well for your friend might not be good for you. For instance, Irodov is a great book for students at an advanced level of understanding, and would not work well for a beginner.
  • Consult your teachers and seniors: Carefully select the list of IIT books and books for AIEEE that you must own by consulting with your lecturers, previous years’ rank holders in IIT JEE or other engineering and medical entrance exams.
  • Set your priorities straight: There are many preparation books available in the market which leaves the students perplexed as to which are the ones really worth investing in. It is advisable to set your priorities straight:
    • First strengthen your conceptual basics, for which one might give a thorough reading to beginner level books like      NCERT books (i.e. the books followed by CBSE board for class XI and class XII).
    • Once you are thorough with the concepts, only then the mock tests and high level books for IIT JEE and AIEEE books would prove to be of any help.
  • Don’t overdo it, referring to too many books can leave you confused: The trick is to own the basic conceptual text book (NCERT or CBSE text books) in addition to one or two reference preparation books for each subject. Anything more than this would leave you out of cash and confused as to which books to refer. Wisely choose the IIT books and books for AIEEE that must be purchased. Any additional book for reference can be borrowed from the library as and when required. Try to get your hands on good mock tests and question papers to test your level of preparation.
  • Literally “Never judge a book by its cover”: Different authors might take different approaches to the same problem, so take some effort to get your hands on the best preparation books (according to your understanding) in addition to NCERT books. Don’t be misguided by jazzy titles, authors with impressive names, higher prices or big publishing houses. Sometimes the best preparation books are the most inexpensive ones.

This is how you should proceed:

  • Study by dividing time between the three subjects.
  • Understand the concepts of a particular chapter from your basic books (like NCERT books).
  • Now consult your reference or guide books for IIT JEE to see if you missed out on anything.
  • Test your understanding of the topic. For this, attempt the solved questions for that chapter from some suitable preparation book. For instance, while studying Physics, attempt problems from H.C.Verma during the beginning phase of your preparation, then only try to move on to more complex books for IIT JEE and AIEEE books, for example ‘Problems in General Physics’ by Irodov (preferably) or Resnick and Halliday. This would ensure a systematic progress towards your goal of cracking the most prestigious examination of the country.
  • Take regular mock tests. You can use mock tests given by coaching institutes or devise your own. While taking a self-devised test, simulate a perfect class-room environment (with time limit and no distractions).

Analyse the problems, don’t cram methods mindlessly

IIT JEE examination is not a race against time, but still it is imperative for the aspirants to solve the problems during the exam at a decent enough pace. To train oneself to solve the problems with the speed anywhere close to desired, the student must have a clear understanding of the topic in consideration in addition to the knowledge of speed enhancing tips and tricks. A student must learn to comprehensively analyze the problems rather them learning the procedures mechanically.

Practice intelligently to retain concepts and problem-solving methods: Cracking an entrance requires not just practising the problem, but retention of the method as well. For this, practice as much as you can, and recognize the crucial steps or tricks involved. Revise such concepts periodically to have them etched in your memory.


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