This Maths IIT JEE solution is from a Limits question that appeared in the year 1986, and demonstrates the fact that ‘Functions’ is an important part of studying Limits even when Functions is officially considered a part of Algebra. It is a fact that Calculus never fails to throw challenging problems your way, and this JEE solution is an example of just that.

The key to solving such questions is to comprehend the question properly. The actual JEE solution part is easier in this question if only one understands the problem. Thus a lot of effort has been put into trying to explain what is being asked systematically in the JEE solution video.
Most time is devoted in the solution of IIT JEE problem to explain f (x) and g (x), because once that is understood properly then it won’t take much time and effort to attempt the question successfully, as can be seen in the video solution of IIT JEE.
‘Calculus’, the branch of Mathematics that often manages to scare even the best of the students (at least initially) is considered the backbone of Mathematics.

Not only is it the branch of Maths that has a major representation in IIT JEE Maths and other entrances, but to top this, it is important from the perspective of other branches of Mathematics as well, and its knowledge is mandatory for complex (or even easy for that matter) derivations of Physics. Sometimes one can solve Physics derivations simply relying on his/her knowledge of Calculus. Refer to JEE solutions for Physics, you would find numerous examples of that.

‘Limits’ is one of the most elementary topics of Differential Calculus. It is often considered the most basic ingredient of Differential Calculus, which of course in turn is called the building block of Mathematics.
One very important factor in understanding Calculus is the lecturer’s ability to simplify the complex concepts in order to enable their better understanding.
Some amount of guidance is definitely needed in order to understand Calculus, because it is a new topic for students of class XI. Such guidance can generally come in the form of classroom lecturers, but if the lecturer doesn’t take time and effort to explain such concepts, then try to understand it by delving deeper during self-studies.
Make use of JEE solutions in addition to study material and video lectures. Refer to IIT JEE 2011 solutions and AIEEE 2011 solutions to find out the type of questions from this unit that had the most representation.


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