This video class concerns itself with a basic problem from the chapter ‘Vectors’ of IIT JEE Maths syllabus.

If ‘a’, ‘b’ and ‘c’ are three vectors such that a + b + c = 0 (i.e. a, b and c represent sides of a triangle taken in order), then:

 1. a * b = b * c
 2. b * c = c * a 
 3. a * b = b * c = c * a
 4. None of these.

The diagram of the triangle is drawn to understand the problem properly in the online video solution. Cross product of the vectors has been taken in order to proceed with the solution, and as seen in the IIT JEE video lecture the answer is not very difficult to derive which is option c (i.e. the cross products of all the sides are equal to each other).
‘Vectors’ is a topic, the comprehensive understanding of which is important not just from the perspective of Maths, but Physics as well. In Physics, vectors are used to represent numerous quantities that have both magnitude and direction.
A student’s understanding of vectors is dependent on the lecturer’s teaching technique more than any other thing. ‘Vectors’ is not a difficult concept to fiddle around with once their application is understood properly. IIT JEE video classes are an effective way to understand the concepts as the students can do it at their own pace, and repeat the online video classes in case of doubts.
The first thing that needs to be done is to understand the meaning of Vectors, i.e. followed by its application. Most lecturers directly jump to the application part of the topic which leaves the students confused. A workman must know his tools first, only then can he get his work done using them. If he doesn’t know a wrench from a saw, chances are that he might end up creating hazardous situations for himself and others.
Similarly a student must first know the concepts of vectors and then only can he use them for describing anything (in Physics or even Maths for that matter). This chapter is of utmost importance in advanced level Maths and Physics, thus must be understood properly.
Video solutions and IIT JEE video classes can be used for the same. There are many basic IIT JEE video lectures that handle the conceptual basics of ‘Vectors’.


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