The initial step of IIT JEE preparation is collecting good study material that would help and support the process of learning. This video would ease your confusion on picking the best IIT JEE study solutions.

When it comes to JEE preparation, books of CBSE board, i.e. NCERT books are highly recommended.

NCERT books concentrate on concept building that would help a lot in the preparation of JEE. NCERT books are good for JEE preparation, as they explain basic concepts perfectly. However, as they do not cover advanced concepts very well, they are not enough for JEE preparation.

A thorough check on the JEE syllabus is very essential when the preparations for JEE begins. Generally, the study material of coaching classes have complex problems and concepts that might be out of syllabus. So, during your preparation, make sure that you follow the syllabus, otherwise you’ll end up losing a lot of precious time.

Best books for preparation of Physics

H C. Verma is a highly recommended book for JEE Physics. It is good for understanding the concepts, but the problems are complicated, i.e. the questions are not explained clearly. Few problems do not match the syllabus as well. One thing that the students must remember is that the problems of IIT JEE are not really complicated; they are just conceptual, and test students on the application of basic concepts.

Irodov is so far the best and most effective book for JEE Physics. It has over 1700 problems where only about 1400 are within the syllabus.

Krotov is another great book for solving problems.The best thing about ‘Krotov’ is that it has previous years Olympiad questions and solutions. However, avoid solving Krotov, if you have limited time. Resnik Halliday is another book where the older version would help a lot.

Books for JEE Chemistry preparation

JEE Inorganic Chemistry: JD LEE is a great book for Inorganic Chemistry in general, but its syllabus is vast, and not specific to JEE. In fact, only about 15% of the total syllabus of J D Lee is relevant to JEE preparation. It is important to  take the help of your teachers while referring to it.

JEE Organic Chemistry: Once again, Morrison and Boyd is a great book, but the syllabus is too vast. In this case, only about 30-40% of the book is relevant to JEE syllabus.

Books for JEE Maths preparation


M.L Khanna and TMH (Tata Mcgraw Hill) Publications are considered the best ones for JEE Mathematics. Variety of practice books like Arihant are also available in the market.

Solving previous year question papers is a must to know the flow of the questions and also the pattern and weightage given on the topics given every year.

Learning through JEE video lectures is considered wise as the problems are solved using the simple concepts with minimum usage of the formulas. You can check out the course content of Exponent’s video package here!


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