Better option : JEE Main Online or Offline

The countdown for JEE Main has begun.Its time for the IIT aspirants to buck up and get perfect with the Physics, Maths and Chemistry IIT JEE Syllabus to give their best shot on the day of JEE Main examination.Cracking JEE Main and marking their place in the top is one challenge that gets the IIT and engineering aspirants to appear for JEE Advanced.JEE Advanced is the final ticket for the dream career of IIT where all the hard work pays off.

The advanced two part IIT entrance exam, JEE Main and JEE Advanced will be conducted in both Offline and Online modes.It is now over to the IIT aspirants who will take up JEE Main, the first phase of IIT entrance exam to choose to give their tests in Online or Offline mode.Its time to put on the thinking cap to choose the best option out of the Online mode and the Offline mode.

Online and Offline modes have advantages and dis-advantages in its place and making a choice of one over the other is difficult.So, here we have the merits and demerits of JEE Main Online and Offline option for you to make a better choice.

JEE Main Online – Merits

  • JEE Main Applicants can choose their day and timings of the examination according to the slots available based on their convenience.
  • The JEE Main Online mode saves bubbling time.The correct answers can be marked by a click and it saves the marking time which is to be done on the OHP sheets if the JEE Main Offline mode is chosen.
  • The correct answers marked can be changed later in JEE Main Online exam mode, where as this option is not available in the JEE Main Offline mode.
  • JEE Main Online mode is a platform for students to prepare themselves for the international standards especially for those who aspire for higher education abroad.
  • JEE aspirants can practice for JEE Main Online exam before hand with the Online Practice Sheets.
  • Students can also switch from one language to another language of the appearance of JEE Main Online questions.

JEE Main Online – Demerits

  • This is the first time that the JEE Main Online mode is introduced. So the efficiency of this mode of examination in JEE is not known.Its a risk to choose it over JEE Main Offline exam, the traditional exam pattern.
  • There might occur a glitch or connectivity issue on the computer system that can bring the JEE Main exam to a halt.As it is the first time , there might be some unexpected problems we never know.
  • Proper training is not provided for the JEE Main Online approach.This might not be for the case for Urban students but definitely true for students from Rural places.
  • In JEE Main Offline mode, students get to see all the questions at a time and they can choose to answer first ,the once they are perfect with and attempt the other questions later.They need not follow the order. Where as, in JEE Main Online, the questions appear one – by – one.
  • Practicing  JEE Main Online mode before the day of examination is not possible for all the students.Not all the IIT JEE aspirants get access to computer systems and the internet facility.In this case, the JEE Main Offline mode is better.

This list will surely help you analyze and choose one of the two, JEE Main Online  ‘or’  Offline. With the developing technology and fast growth in all the fields and where the whole world functions on the World Wide Web, It is better for students as well to accept the JEE Main Online mode.Online mode will be the future of conducting exams and the transition of traditional Offline exams to Online exams will happen for all the competitive exams soon.Most important thing is that all the educational institutes irrespective of Urban or Rural should provide students of class XI and XII proper training and guidance to adapt the system of JEE Main Online exam mode.


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