JEE Main Preparation Tips to remember the formulasOne of the Essentials of JEE Main Preparations is Hard Work.Working hard is when a student studies for 5 to 8 hours a day with complete concentration.When you sit with the study materials to prepare for JEE Main, you are hazed after seeing those equations.All that you can recall is a floating palate of formulas.Relax!! This is very normal and has to happen when you have countless formulas in IIT JEE Syllabus to remember altogether.

Learning and understanding formulas may be tough in the beginning as each individual has his/her own rate of grasping things.With a little will power,concentration and tricks, memorizing formulas will be FUN.

Simple tricks to remember the formulas for JEE Main Preparation.

> Have all the formulas written in a small book of JEE Main Preparation.Make different sections for different subjects, and make sure all the formulas fit in the same book.You can also post them on the walls of your study room so you can see them all the time.

>Write the formulas in big clear letters and in your hand writing.You may apply different colors to differentiate the formulas and also to help you remember and recollect it during JEE Main Preparation.

> Mentally scribble the formulas in your head.Close your eyes,visualize a blank platform, and write the formula on the blank platform in your mind.

> One look at the formulas cannot help you remember it unless you have some special powers.So repeat the formulas as you learn them.Revise them before you sleep so that it seeps into your brain and gets registered.

> Compare the similar looking formulas, mark the points of difference  and memorize them keeping the difference in mind.

> Connect the formulas with what you already know to memorize it fast.Relate it to something that you can easily remember and recollect.

> Practice numerical problems from the JEE Main Syllabus regularly by applying the formulas you have learnt.Routine application of the formula helps retain them perfectly.

> Understand the formation of the formula.Know how the equations, units and the sign is used to form a particular formula.By doing this ,you understand the concept deeply than just mugging it.

> Take formula tests regularly while you prepare for JEE Main.Ask your family members or your friends to ask you for the formulas.This will make you confident will help you remember them.

> Include REVISION SESSION for formulas in your JEE Main Preparation Time table.


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