Many students, inspite of being well prepared for the examination, tend to feel nervous and get anxious on the final day. This affects their performance in the JEE Main exam and result in low grades. In most cases, students run out of time due to stress and nervousness and fail to finish their paper. Thus, they must learn the tricks to manage time during JEE exams.

study time JEE MainOn the day of exam:

Here are few essential tips to be followed by students during JEE Main exams which would help them manage time better and perform well:

Before the exam:

  • Look after yourself:
    • Take sufficient rest and sleep well before the final day of exam to avoid stress.
    • Eat healthy and reasonably.
    • Take bath and go fresh to the examination center.
    • Carry all the necessary items with you – JEE Main admit card, identity card, writing material, calculators, etc.
    • Do not carry item that are not permitted – mobile phones, money, etc.
  • Arrive at the JEE Main examination center few minutes early:
    • Reach the examination center atleast 30 minutes early.
    • Check for the allotted seat number or exam room where your JEE Main registration number is written.
    • Search for a place away from noise and disturbances and get your mind well prepared to answer the exam.
    • Try to relax and focused so that you can write your exam without stress.
    • Do not try to study or discuss at the last moment.
  • Enter the exam room and get prepared for to answer it:
    • Check for the seat allotted to you and sit there.
    • Remove your wrist watch and keep it in front of you on the desk, just to be able to keep track of the time while answering.
    • Fill in your details in the answer paper carefully.

Study methdology for JEE MainDuring the Exam:

  • Read the question paper carefully:
    • Go through the question paper and check for the question you are well prepared to answer.
    • Do not mark anything on the question paper.
  • Begin answering the the exam:
    • Answer the question/section that you know the best at first.
  • Allocate limited time to each question/section:
    • Allocating time for answering each question/section would help you manage time better.
    • Fix up time limit for a question depending on the marks it carries.
  • Decide between objective and subjective questions:
    • You can either choose to answer objective questions first or later.
    • Opt to answer those questions at first in which you are most confident.
    • You can also mark the important points with a highlighter in the subjective type questions.
  • Do not spend too much time on any question:
    • If you get stuck with any point while answering a particular question, move on to the next and leave space to answer it later.
    • Spending a lot of time to think about an answer can make you loose time for answering questions that you know better.
    • Do not panic if you forget an answer/point. It is obvious for all students and you can easily recall it later while revising your paper.
  • Revision is utmost important:
    • It is very important for students to keep time for revision after they finish answering the entire paper.
    • You should correct the mistakes, if any.
    • Try to recall the points you couldn’t earlier.
    • Add any extra points if you remember.
    • Check the answer numbers.
    • Tie/staple the answer sheets.
    • Check whether your details are all correct and you have filled up all necessary details.
    • Submit the paper.

reward yourself with a plate of delicious food after writing a good exam paper.After the Exam:

This part becomes important especially when you have another exam to answer:

  • Reward yourself for giving your best to the paper.
    • Enjoy eating something good or have a chocolate as a reward.
  • Maintain the calmness and composure after the exam is over.
    • Avoid discussing the paper with friends.
    • Get prepared to answer the next exam.
    • Do not feel upset if the exam wasn’t good enough.
  • Relax yourself and charge up your mind for the next exam.



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