Crack JEE Main in first attempt

Class 12 board exams is off to begin very soon, and the IIT Aspirants will be left with fewer days to study for JEE Main. Scoring high marks in class 12 board exam and getting a top rank in the JEE Main entrance exam are equally important. So, high concentration and efforts has to go in preparing for class 12 board exams now.

Here we have some Formulas you can apply soon after class 12 board exams to crack JEE Mains in first attempt.
  1. First of all, do not pick a new topic which you haven’t studied yet.
  2. Look through the basics of all the topics that you have already studied. Basics are the strong elements required to crack JEE Mains in first attempt.
  3. Try to solve as many previous year test papers as you can, systematically.
  4. It is absolutely fine if you have not completed the portions. Be perfect with the what you know and you will still be able to get a good rank.
  5. Do not waste much time on concepts/ problems that you are not able to understand or solve. Leave it and do the next one. Get back to it after your done with the ones you know perfectly.
  6. Avoid multiple study materials and problem resources.
  7. Do not solve a single question more than 1 time. Concentrate while you solve a question, and if you do not get the answer for the first time; leave it. Move to the next question.
  8. Do not panic if you are not able to solve the whole question paper. Make sure you solve 60%-70% of it with out a doubt and you will make it to the top ranks.
  9. Be clam and confident with what you have studied and prepared for. Give it your best shot and have dream come true.



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